In this project the aim was to develop a multi residential housing model based on the Case Study House number 18 by Craig Ellwood. Each design decision had to be backed up through the several steps of c.s.h research. The multi residential housing model is made out of 8 units, that can be converted into 10 if they are split up. In correspondence to the case study houses, each unit in my design has an adaptable space which lays adjacent to a bathroom, these spaces can be accessed from outside, without stepping in to the house first. All the rooms that is being lived in can also fully open up to a north facing courtyard. The case study house number 18, uses standard sized panels for exterior cladding, this makes the facade read as one continuous surface and the material on these panels has a specific relationship to the inside. My design is based on the same principle however adopting a new idea, The continious timber cladding seamlingly shifts to create for openings in the facade in relationship to the program inside.

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