The aim of this project is to help transform a society from a linear to a more circular economy. It creates architectural and strategic framework for a future circular industry, and through this show a possible direction for Norway after oil age. Waste from Norwegian fish farms contaminate food, fish and natural surroundings. This have had serious consequences for the natural balance of Norwegian fjords and is a problem that only grows. However this waste material has great potential in the production of biogas, and could in the future appear as a potential resource instead of a problem. The project is based on a fish farm, where waste materials are collected, cleaned and used for the production of biogas. This provides a future scenario for a new clean industry that can be spread along the Norwegian west coast. By connecting all steps from fish waste to biogas in a publicly available industrial plant, we try to visualize the potential of the circular economy and show the synergies a new industry can bring. Done in pair with Fredrik Walentin Sandbu

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