This studio explored strategies for addressing densification and the rapid growth of Australian suburbs. The studio looked at how community space can be integrated into already existing fabrics. The site of the new community centre that I used was an abandoned Bunning’s Warehouse building in the suburb of Maribyrnong. As a key concept for the final design in the studio I focused on how the building can be in a state of flux. As a community building it needs to host and adjust to different events. I looked at how this transformation can work in a range of different scales. From the minute - to hours- days - weekly and even what could happen in the future. The building can change from private to public programs, multi-use of community space that can host several different events. Another idea that relate to the physical place, is how I choose to only use the warehouse with no additions to it, but instead taking away walls so that the programs start to extend out of the building to charge its surrounding. So it is not only about the programs inside but also how they can affect the adjacent exterior spaces.

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