The studio investigates the role and effects of urban renewal applied to the urban town of Edenhope, South of Melbourne. Edenhope once was a town built on recreation with the neighboring lake filled to its full capacity, the town thrived off a variety of lake associated activities. However the lake have become a wetland over the last 20 years and consequently the population in the city has decreased. The aim of me and my partners project was to celebrate the beauty of the wetlands and to create a vegetated link in between the two wetlands. The link was placed through the town centre opening up an inward facing main street and consequently decentralizing Edenhope’s existence. The project is responding to the physical place, in the way we took advantage of some existing infrastructures and added on to it. But also in the way we used local native spices to create a green corridor between wetlands. In our project we choose to create a condensed library that can also act as a event space and propagations facility to support urban renewal in the town.

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